Shade Sails Repairs Perth | Residential & Commercial

As time goes on, lesser quality shade sails can start to become damaged and lose their effectiveness. If the condition of the fabric and/or thread of your shade sail has started to deteriorate, our team at Aussie Coolshades are able to provide shade sail repairs for clients right across Perth.

With a focus on supplying quality residential and commercial shade sails and awnings, we also know how to repair a shade sail so it doesn’t lose its appeal or functionality. Our team of specialists are able to remove your shade sail from your property and fix your shade sail accordingly so it will give you the protection you need and continue to stand the test of time.

We can clean your shade sail if it has become extremely soiled by using water and a very mild detergent. As part of our shade sail repairs services for residential and commercial clients across Perth, we’ll ensure all of the seams are double-stitched and that the connection points are reinforced, reducing the risks of your shade sail getting damaged again.

The best advice we can give to our clients is that a shade sail should come down for the winter months and be reinstalled again for the summer months. However, if your shade sail has started to deteriorate because of harsh conditions, we’ll make every effort to ensure it looks as good as new, and that any alterations that need to be made aren’t as noticeable. Check out some of our previous examples of the repairs we’ve provided for clients below to see how we can take a shade sail that’s lost its shape and make it look as good as new!

If you have a shade sail that’s damaged, contact our Aussie Coolshades team about our repairs services in Perth today by calling (08) 9417 7700.